How can Smarties Private Tutoring help my child with Mathematics?

Smarties Private Tutoring can provide support for all students finding challenges with Maths concepts and uses the Orton-Gillingham approach to achieve this. This approach was designed for students with dyscalculia, where the student’s ability to learn number-related concepts, perform calculations and develop mathematical problem-solving skills was challenging. It is a hands-on multisensory approach suitable for any child lagging a mathematical key concept.

Each multisensory activity used at Smarties Private Tutoring will help consolidate foundational skills to form new connections before moving onto more advanced concepts. It is common for students to find word problems challenging, particularly multistep word problems. Explicit instruction with vocabulary and commonly used mathematical terms is given to assist with this.


Students learn foundational number sense skills in a sequential order, such as counting, sequencing and place value. Manipulating physical objects helps to make maths concepts less abstract and more meaningful. Drawing Maths problems with images helps learners to experience success with multistep problems.


Students connect their Maths skills with everyday practicalities to make sense of concepts and see the relationships between numbers and everyday applications.


Memory aids, such as number lines and charts, provide ongoing success as students overcome their Maths associated anxiety.